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Thermal POS Paper Roll Sizes

FAQ How to

When you make your own decision to purchase thermal rolls,the first thing you must do is confirming the paper roll size. Here is a guide for fresher to teach you how to define POS roll size:

There are 3 parameter you need to confirm :

Width: that’s the paper roll width, it is usually up to your cash register width. For example, Epson usually use 80mm width,while credit card terminals use 57mm. Check our your machine or consult with the machine after-sale service staff, they will tell you the appropriate size fit for your machine.

Diameter: It is usually up to the machine hole depth. For Epson machine,it is usually 80mm deep,while for credit card/ NETS terminals, it is usually 40mm or 50mm deep.

Core : For some machine,there are handle fixed inside the machine.The handle outer size determine the core inside size. Anyway, it is usually the same all over the world. It is usually 13.5mm. Once getting the data of above 3 parts, then you can tel the paper roll supplier the size you need.

For example,for 80mm x 76mm x 13.5mm, it means the width is 80mm, the diameter is 76mm, the core is 13.5mm. Take another example, for 57mm x 50mmm x 16mm, the width is 57mm, the diameter is 50mm, the core is 16mm. 

So in summary, we usually describe POS roll sizes as : Width x Diameter x Core or Width x Length x Core. Once the sizes are confirmed, you can go ahead to ask quote for your paper roll supplier.

Common Paper roll type:

1. Thermal Paper Rolls - The fast, slight thermal printers are getting popular in most modern POS setups. Without the need for ribbons, most business are going with the convenience of the thermal paper.

2. 2-Ply NCR Rolls - The workhorse of the Kitchen.

3. Ribbons - If you have an Epson or Star Dot Matrix (aka Impact) Printer. You will need to stock up on these black/red ribbons

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